Back to reality after 7 wondrous days in Vancouver + VI

We just came back from a terrific holiday from Vancouver and Vancouver Island. I think this might be one of the best holidays we’ve ever been too. I do think all our holidays get better and better tho, perhaps its due to the recency effect.

Its the first real holiday that Kris has embarked on since he started his business and we’re both super happy that the great team he assembled practically held the fort while he was away. Which is a big big deal if you’re in the tech business IMHO. I know that he probably has thousands of emails to answer BUT its a great feeling to know that he as assembled a dependable team! I’m so proud of my hubby!

We had a 2 small hiccups involving our car rental but nothing money can’t solve. This leads me to think that perhaps car ownership, like home ownership is not as idyllic as it seems. Thus, I’m very happy with our rental situation. In Vancouver, the houses are so cheap compared to what you can get in NYC. Kris and myself both had serious cases of Vancouver-Housing lust when we realized how much a pretty apartment at the waterfront cost. Maybe, Someday, Hopefully!

Everything was great there, from the clean air (mostly, coz of the forest fires North of the City), crisp water, SUPER clean streets, mostly friendly people and how wonderfully close to nature the city was. British Columbia is like a wonderful first world city + National Park all rolled into one. One cannot help but feel so happy and carefree there!

I cannot wait for my next visit back. Usually, I’m always looking forward to going home no matter which country I visit. Nothing like home sweet home after living out of your luggage. This time, however, I almost told Kris to go home on his own, while I continued trooping around. I didn’t of course, but it crossed my mind!

I visited some old friends, who migrated to Singapore some 7-ish years ago and it was great to see them both so happy and settled. I think Canada is a much better place for them than Singapore was in many ways. They were very kind to me for the 2 years that I knew them and one never forgets the love and kindness from people, that made happy memories in your life.

I have thousands of photos to process, so I’m just going to leave you with one photo for now. Not my favorite per se, but will do for now! A picture of fat lazy seals lounging around. A couple of miles south were 2 orcas that were hunting for food, too bad they didn’t discover these yummy treats. Kris says I’m cruel, but hey I’m realistic (food chain!) and was hoping for a national geographic moment!




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