Love is giving up the last cookie!

This morning, I had a slightly deep conversation with my sister Iris, who by the way is the best sister one could ever have!

We were talking about relationships and I described my relationship with Kris, in a way that I felt worthy to pen down and remember when the need calls for it.

Here it goes….

“His love for me is empowering instead of suffocating. Instead of overpowering me with love and protection, his love gives me courage to be better and braver. I feel that in a way, he inspires me to be a better version of myself.”

Never underestimate the power of love, no really. Friends from back home have been remarking about how much happier and at peace with myself I seem after moving here. I don’t think its just NYC per se, though I think for all the faults that it has, its a pretty dope place to be in. An American once told me, “Being in NYC gives you street creed with the rest of America.” Interestingly enough, just two hours ago, another American told me the same thing. Not in the same words, but same  exact sentiments. I never understood what it meant before, but now I do. I digress.

My formula for being happy is simple, I re-evaluate my life from time to time. If I feel like I’m happy, I maintain status quo. If I’m not, then I make a change. Its really as simple as that. Do the things you love! Also, find someone you who loves  and respect you for who you are**, then attempt to love him back twice as much.

**Someone who loves you for who you are and not for the digits in your bank account, not for how you look/dress, not for what title you have have in your career, but truly love you for YOU. Someone who loves you for your bad jokes, who loves you without the makeup and fancy clothes, someone who loves you even when you feel completely unlovable!

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