Recently, I have been quite interested in photography. It started out with Instagram but really kicked off when I got my first non point and shoot camera in the form of the Olympus Pen EPL5. I really like how light and fast this camera is, it makes it so much easier for me to take lovely shots.

Photography is quite suitable for the introvert in me. I like trooping around town, exploring new places with my camera in hand. It reminds me to slow down a little and pause for a moment to observe the things around me and take in the beauty of my surroundings. Beauty is not restricted to just natural landscapes, the concrete jungle that I live in, exemplifies a different form of beauty.

I think photography forces me to take a step back and admire the world around me from different angles. Its like life really, there isn’t just one way/frame of looking at things, if you bother to take the time to really look at your subject, you will realize the multi-dimensionality of the world that surrounds you, from both living and non living things alike.

My favourite shot from Central Park this weekend. White cherry blossoms. Happy Spring everyone!



Just to prove my point, I’m going to leave you with a photo of the empire state building. The first rooftop BBQ of 2015 to commemorate¬†the arrival of Spring. I was doubly excited because it was organized by a Singaporean and Hokkien mee and chicken wings were part of the BBQ. #tummyhappiness.





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