In the stillness of the night

Its 11.11pm on a Monday night as I begun typing this post.

The house is awfully quiet. Kris is not talking on the phone, pounding on the computer or watching mindless TV. He’s a sick puppy, recovering from a cold. I think it’s from too much working. Between meds and food, I literally forced him to sleep, sleep and sleep. While I appreciate how hard he’s working for the family, its a personal belief that there needs to be balance in life. You need to rest well, eat well and exercise regularly to perform at your personal best. So the silver lining to his cold, is that he is FORCED to rest.

I like taking care of him. When he’s sick,  he’s no longer the booming deep voiced CEO with a zillion tasks,  he’s my adorable little patient that I fuss/potter with great love!

Get well soon hubbabot! I love you.

I do like the silence tho, I dislike the sound of TV. Its so much easier to read and think when there is silence. That’s why I like late nights and early mornings the most, I feel like my mind is cleansed and refreshed from the silence.

Maybe its time to move to Alaska, or maybe not. I don’t think I can go any more North of NYC, too cold during winters.

Spring, please come with a vengeance already!

School has been fun. Life has been good.

I foresee more activities in the coming months!

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