T texted me the other day to arrange for a SKYPE date. She’s a big sweetie pie, I meet her in NIE 7+ years ago when we were both teacher trainees. We had the same crazy humor, laughed about silly things and became firm friends even after we left to teach in opposite ends of Singapore.

I moved to NYC a while back but she never fails to remember to arrange for a SKYPE date when the school holiday rolls around, much like when in Singapore when we would arrange for tea/lunch during holidays. She’s crazy busy with school, various family commitments and her german classes but I know I still hold a special place in her heart, which I am immensely grateful for. She went to Germany and even bought me a souvenir and air mailed it all the way to NYC, I suspect that it was due to all those long conversations about visiting Germany together some 7+ years ago. Good memories. I miss her.

I appreciate people like that, people who actually mean something to you in your life, no matter how far you’re physically apart. I must remember to take more time to treasure this connection.

Life has indeed changed to much. I wish for happiness and contentment for my friends.



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