Following the herd

Was having a semi serious conversation with the husband that went along these lines.

Him: Care less about what others think. You don’t have to justify your actions to anyone, the most important thing is to be happy doing what you want in life.

Me: *ponders* That’s true, does that mean I need to care less about what you want?

Him: Nope! Except me, you should definitely care about what I think.

That’s my new random goal of 2015. I need to care a little less about what others think and do the things that I find pleasurable with my life. I¬†refuse to be apologetic for being lucky/privileged!

I’m sitting beside the window of my apartment watching the sunset and attempting to write a research proposal and the hubby is at the sofa working. Life has been really good to us. I wouldn’t wish for it to be another way.

Happy Saturday everyone! I need to go bang out some lines before meeting some friends for dinner!

Make everyday count! Before you know it, you’ll be old and wishing you followed your heart instead of letting familial/societal norms dictate what you should do with your life!


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