Coldest day of the year (so far)

The low today was around -15 deg C/ 5 deg F.

I’m happy to report I went out for an hour’s walk and came back with all limbs intact. I find the biting cold almost refreshing to a certain extent. I did dart into duane reade from time to time to protect my fingers. My fashionable gloves are better for fall. I don’t like wearing thick gloves mostly because they are bulky and cumbersome.

What I really dislike in this hemisphere tho, is the strong winds. My building is swaying as I speak. Its build to do so to minimize structural damage but I still don’t like it one bit. Makes me very stressed honestly. In 5-6 years, (I hope) we will own something closer to the ground. Meanwhile, if the building doesn’t collapse, I will blog again soon.

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