Dec 31st, 2014

The last 2 weeks of December involved driving around quite a bit. I finished my exams on the 22nd, drove to upstate NY and then onwards to Vermont and yesterday night we finally arrived back in NYC! I must commend my awesome driver, Kristopher Ryan Beevers! Steady and dependable like always.

We were pampered from head to toe at my in law’s and received lots of warm hugs from my Maaaaa, POPS, gramma, sister in law and assorted relatives! Always nice to see them in my yearly visits and glad that his family has always been warm and welcoming. Kris’s mother is very motherly, so we were really well fed and taken care of during our week’s stay there. Gramma at 93 is ever so adorable and energetic. Before we left she even gave us a cute little dance/jiggle from her couch. She is really the cutest!

This morning, I woke up gave my apartment a good cleaning up and it feels like home again! I kept my stacks of school books, wiped down the entire house, changed the bedsheets and it all now smells nice and fresh. Who doesn’t love fresh soft sheets????

Here we are again, perched in our little apartment and thankful for the year that has gone by. Another year has gone by with my best friend and lover. This year we’ve worked hard together, grew deeper in love,  grew more patient and appreciative of one another. Every year I feel very loved and lucky to share my life with Kris and I know that he feels the same way. In the next year, I hope to be a better wife than I was this year. More patient and more loving!

It is my wish every year to be a better person, a better friend, student, family member, stranger in the street and citizen of the world!

This year I have encountered a lot of amazing people, people who have worked very very hard to get where they are and I’m inspired. I’m inspired to be better in 2015. I need another challenge for 2015 and I think I know what it should be.

Hopefully on Dec 31, 2015. I would have achieved my goal.

Happy New Year my dear readers, May the new year bring you peace and love.


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