Little Isaiah teaches his mommy a lesson

My little nephew has a similar trait to me, he loves organizing and its something that you can see early in his life. For example, he would put all his Mr Men books according to color in his box and he would keep his match box cars in a designated plastic box which I specifically gave him together with the cars.

So last night my sister related this story to me. When she came home, my sister’s helper told Isaiah, look at all those books on the ground. Are you Mr Messy? Isaiah IMMEDIATELY stood up clear up his mess. (Which is a miracle, because which 2 year old eagerly picks up after himself?) He left one on the floor and when my sister saw it, out of jest, told him “You’re Mr Messy!”. Isaiah then proceeded to burst out in distressed tears and was visibly very upset!

My sister was shocked that his reaction was so extreme and hugged and kissed him to calm him down. She told him he was Mr Neat  (haha!) and he calmed down after a while.

Later on that night, my sister had a talk with him and asked him why he was so upset, he told my sister, “Don’t say Isaiah is messy, say the floor is messy.”

WOAHHHHH!!!! Did that really come out from a 28 month old kid? He’s not even 2 and a half.

Its very interesting because in educational theories class, we are taught that one should not assign the child the negative trait but differentiate between the negative action and the child’s personality. It is just mind-blowing that a child, that young can tell you. HEY DONT SAY I”M MESSY, SAY THAT THE FLOOR IS MESSY.

Adorable little munchkin. Parenting is not easy, every child is different and this little boy is clearly very intuitive and sensitive to emotions. When you tell him you’re sad, he immediately comes to hug and kiss you and that trait was shown very early on in his life.

I miss that little bulb!


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