Exams :/

This week is mid term week and my goodness, we have really covered a lot of ground. When I was studying and reading millions of pages of notes each week, I didn’t realize how much it would all add up.

Anyways I was sharing with my hubby about my first test on Monday night. I told him that I was feeling kinda meh when I realized I only was confident of 80% of the answers but then felt significantly better when a classmate said the test was good cause she felt confident of 75% of the answers. (Mental note to be less harsh on self!)

I think I need to focus less on the grade and more on the learning. The former gives a lot of counter productive stress and the latter is what I want at the end of the day anyway.

Somehow exams unleash this crazy I want to do EXCELLENTLY-AT-ALL-COSTS mentality.

I really like my cohort of grad students, everyone is just very hardworking and friendly.

Kris gave me a good PEP talk about working hard and not stressing about grades until the point he told me he only got ONE!!!!! A- for his Masters in Computer Science. I’m like what!!! The rest were all perfect As?????


But whatever, I am not him. I can only try my very best!


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