Life has been good to us

There is a lot of working going on in the Beevers household. Both of us like to be busy and we’re both sufficiently engaged and intellectually stimulated with the work we’re currently doing. We work a lot because we like what we’re doing.

During our walk back from dinner last night from our Japanese dinner , I was remarking to Kris (with reference to his business).

“I wonder when we will be considered successful/rich in Manhattan?”

Given that the latest apartments with a 360degree view is going for 130++million or something ridiculous like that. I was telling him that as an educator, I’ll never be rich (not in the strictly financial sense at least). So am I damned to be poor in NYC? >.<

Kris said something that really left me thinking about our current lives.

“We’re already very rich, because we can both do what we want to do without worrying about money.”

My husband sometimes sprouts words of wisdom and I’m often in awe of how little he truly cares about cash, status or prestige.

So yes, life has been good to us because we are able to do what we want in life. After all, isn’t the pursuit of money supposed to make us internally rich and not just externally so? The latter is often sought by most people, in their ability to showcase wealth, status symbols through material things. But how often do we think about enriching our own lives? Intellectually, Spiritually, or Morally?

So my question is, what are you pursuing in your life today to enrich your life?

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