My fundamental take on romantic relationships is that you must be with a partner that brings out the best in you.

Someone who loves you for who you are, not just how you look and what you have but rather your strength of character,values, beliefs, integrity, righteousness and kindness.

City-life sometimes bring out the worse in people, we are taught to chase more wealth more superficial beauty. We are taught to pursue a better pay, a bigger house, a more distinguished job just MORE MORE MORE of what makes your life more luxurious but doesn’t necessarily enrich your soul. Considering that NYC has one of the greatest income inequalities in the world. Its not hard for plenty of people to want to aspire towards that end of the curve.

But to what end?

I feel like the depth of relationships is directly proportional to the quality of love that transpires between the people involved. A love that is measured not by how much I expect from you, but how much I respect you, admire your strength of character and how much I want to help you achieve your goals and bliss in life.

Unconditional love they call it; to love someone despite getting nothing in return.

Everybody wants love but a lot forget the fundamental rule:

“If you want it, you will first have to give it.”

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