Worse Freaking Week of my Life

So this happened.

My root canal crown fell off. There’s a hole in between the crown and the tooth coz the previous dentist did a terrible job. My gums were bleeding so it was just traumatic and uncomfortable.

So I rushed to the dentist they tried to re-seal the tooth and I came home ate something for lunch and the teeth cracked for good. The metal part still stuck on, so I just went about my day with the cracked part bruising my tongue. I also had to go to class so I figured I’ll just deal with the bruising, nothing much she can do anyways.

Next day, stupid crown falls off AGAIN. (even with the cement!!) So I called back again I got an appointment tomorrow to go re-shave my old tooth, re-mould a new mould and eventually be fitted with a new crown.

I am so freaking annoyed with the spate of events.

And oh.

Kris has gotten a bad flu, so in between all the stress of going to the dentist, googling what to do and freaking out over assignments I cannot finish, I have to take care of him.

And yes, I’m coming down with the same cold too.




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