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Staycation in Maryland

We’re currently at Maryland where Kris is attending and speaking at a conference. I remember him telling me that, he doesn’t really like travelling for work. I now see why. He attends the conference from morning (9am) till around 7pm or 10pm , then continues to come back to work till 2am. He’s a work a bot. I’m sure it helps that he loves his job but he is really one of the most focused and hardworking person I know. Thanks for working so hard to support us BOTMAN!

(related) *ahem ahem* Just Sayin!

Meanwhile, I’m having a ‘staycation’ or perhaps ‘studycation’.


Our lovely Room.


Grandiose Hotel Lobby


Maryland crabcakes. So GOOD!


I brought school work!


 Swim Swam Swum

Oh! I coerced him for dinner last night too. Wham! Bam! 40minutes and we were done.  Then he went back to the room to work on his slides, for his presentation at 11am, this morning. Business is really kicking in for him, so he has 194034432 gazillion things to do at any given time. We were sick last 1.5 weeks too, hence a backlog in his TO-DO list, so I think he was a little stressed trying to finish this presentation last night. At 2am, there was a resigned, “okay this will do look”.  But as his mummy says, ‘he will be fine, he always finds a way to pull through and make it work well’. MY MIL is really awesome in being his Number 1 cheer leader for him! I know they said the wife is supposed to assume that role, but hello! She has a 31 year head-start in witnessing his achievements all these years. Plus she doesn’t live with him anymore and I’m the one that has to put up with stress related side effects!

Muahahaha. I digress, she’s really a good mother. Always positive, encouraging and willing to listen to him at all hours of the day, even when she has had a long hard day at work and hasn’t eaten dinner. Whenever he calls back, she will rather talk to him than eat her dinner.

I digress again!

Here’s a picture of HAPPY US post dinner!

National Wheel

(Crappy Iphone pic, bad lightning and random unskilled but very kind photographer!)


i love nerds

Kris and myself have a competition going on.  Its the “Who can be more hardworking” competition. Its basically measured by the sheer amount of waking hours spent on work.

Apart from when he was OUT COLD from his flu, I think he wins. He’s still sick actually but he decided to still infect everyone at work go to work regardless. 😛

I got a milder version of Kris’s cold but what really bothered me was tooth issues on both sides of my jaw. Annoys me to no end because I love food, I love chewing yummy food. Now I’ve resorted to mostly fruit smoothies and fattening milkshakes. I went for a Singaporean event the other day and I could only eat chicken rice and flat rice noodles coz it required v little chewing. I had to swallow some satay and throw away the yummy Hainanese chicken. It makes me very sad. Very very sad.



Tooth Issues Part 13849039244433333333

I was tooth raped again today. Tooth was drilled,  had 2 injections, my gums are bleeding and my lower left jaw feels numb & violated.

My old root canal was thoroughly molested. Re-shaved, re-drilled and X-rayed. I still hated the process, but this new dentist was thorough and very gentle and kind. I like kind people. They make the world a better place.

Like my husband. He’s the kindest person in my life. Despite being sick, he came with me stood and waited for 1 hour 15minutes as he watched the dentist work on me. He’s very kind, very loving and very patient. Next time I’m grumpy and upset with the world over my multiple tooth issues I must remember his great love for me.


PS: Everyone in the dental clinic was raving about how supportive he was as a husband. If only all husbands were like that. My husband will never do that. Blah blah! I think he might have blushed a little. His goofy grin and cute adorable shy face! I must remember to smother him with kisses later.

 I feel a little out of it, must be due to the medication or fear. In any case, hello bed!

Worse Freaking Week of my Life

So this happened.

My root canal crown fell off. There’s a hole in between the crown and the tooth coz the previous dentist did a terrible job. My gums were bleeding so it was just traumatic and uncomfortable.

So I rushed to the dentist they tried to re-seal the tooth and I came home ate something for lunch and the teeth cracked for good. The metal part still stuck on, so I just went about my day with the cracked part bruising my tongue. I also had to go to class so I figured I’ll just deal with the bruising, nothing much she can do anyways.

Next day, stupid crown falls off AGAIN. (even with the cement!!) So I called back again I got an appointment tomorrow to go re-shave my old tooth, re-mould a new mould and eventually be fitted with a new crown.

I am so freaking annoyed with the spate of events.

And oh.

Kris has gotten a bad flu, so in between all the stress of going to the dentist, googling what to do and freaking out over assignments I cannot finish, I have to take care of him.

And yes, I’m coming down with the same cold too.




Weekend Fun

Over the weekend, the Beevers hopped to the Queen’s Zoo hoping to see their animal friends. Sadly there were no Beavers in the Queen’s Zoo. We did however spot a very curious goat.



After a while, he realized we had no food and he rudely trotted away. TSK.

Speaking of ‘Whaddup’, this morning over Skype. I taught Isaiah to say, ‘What’s Up’ as a replacement for ‘Hello’. We practiced on Uncle Kris Kris. My nephew is mighty adorable! He’s at this chatty age where he rattles non stop, asking ‘What is dis?’ all the time! Much to the chagrin of his parents. Cuteness MAX! I miss him.

Your Typical Friday Morning

Conversation this morning with the hubby

“Him: Argh! Client cancelled the call in the last minute, rushed to work early in the morning for nothing.

Me: Well that’s good right, start work early on a friday. You do know the penthouse isn’t going to buy itself right?”

Him: -__-

Me: *chuckles*



I feel that people these days have a severe lack of respect for another person’s time. I hate it when people show up more than 20 minutes late and don’t apologize for being late. Its not the apology so much as the, oh 20 minutes is no big deal. Frankly speaking, I think it just shows that A) You don’t respect my time, B) You’re very badly brought up. Badly brought up because you don’t see a need to spare a thought for others and think that the world revolves around you so much that, ‘oh that person waiting probably has nothing much to do with his/her life and therefore can spend 20 minutes waiting at the street corner/restaurant doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!”

Not showing up at all is infinitely worse. Unless your dog dies, you made an appointment with me, honor it. Or tell me at least a couple of hours in advance that you can’t make it, or apologize sincerely when you can’t make it at the last minute.

There you have it.  My rant for a Friday Morning.

No time to rattle on. I have a date with the library! 🙂