10 Important things I’ve come to value in my life.

1. It is what it is

– Bad things happen, good things happen. No matter how much you kick and scream, there are some things that are beyond your human control and to survive the challenges in life, you will just have to let go. Eventually it will pass.

2. Your Family matters

– Nobody else will mean as much.

3. Nurture and take time to maintain friendships

– Friends especially those from high school and college will always be extra special. At that age, you judge a lot less, are often way less cynical and get to bond with people with the same interests. As you age, you will bond with people of the same occupation but not necessarily same interests/belief systems

4. Its what inside that counts

– In a world where we judge people constantly by how they look and present themselves, remember that its what inside that counts. People can change how they look on the outside, through plastic surgery, through nice/expensive clothing but at the end of the day they can never change their purity of heart.

5. Follow your bliss.

– Do the things you love. Don’t follow money/society norms/pressure from family. I wish more people had taught me this when I was young, to follow my passion in life. Do things that you personally deem meaningful and worthwhile. It took me a while before I found that in education, but perhaps for good reason.

6. Forgive 

– Learn to forgive the people who hurt you, very often the people who hurt you never intended to make it personal. Everyone’s so caught up in their own lives that sometimes, they forget that your feelings matter too. Its okay for them to be selfish sometimes. After all, you’re not perfect either.

7. In a marriage, cover your mouth and open your ears. 

– Self explanatory really, but basically listen more to the needs of your spouse and not just blabber on and on about ME, MYSELF and I. A healthy marriage involves the two of you, it is not just a solo performance.

8. Money should be an enabler, not a driver.

– Remember that we need money to do the things we love and buy the things we need. In our quest through life, never betray yourself for money. There is no end to wanting more.

9. Happiness is about contentment

– The richest, prettiest, most popular people aren’t the ones who are happiest, because happiness is not about what you have or what others perceive you to be. Happiness is a choice and state of mind, you choose to be happy, despite all the other imperfections in your life. The importance of showing gratitude instead of demanding more and more (from both others and yourself) is crucial to lasting happiness.

10. Love yourself through it all. 

– We live through life wanting to be loved by others, but at the end of the day what matters is that you love yourself. Not love yourself selfishly, but love yourself enough to know that you’re very human and will make mistakes. No matter what happens in your life, what mistakes you made and what goals you failed to achieve, you will always be special and loved! If you don’t love yourself, how do you expect another person to love you? Oh love yourself enough to take time to exercise and eat healthy too!

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