Redonkculous Rent

Sucking up the redonkculous rent.

Edit: May 30th, 2014

The husband has convinced me that money earned is meant to be channelled towards enjoying life. Therefore we have decided to stay put. We also did look at a studio and while the kitchen was similar in size, nothing else was. Guess we don’t really want to live shoe box. People who live outside NYC already see Manhattan homes as a shoe box, so I guess a studio would be a ‘kid’s shoebox’.

Was chatting with a friend who told me homes in the suburbs go for 300psf, I look at the 1000psf at a very-average home in Manhattan and die a little in side. Eventually it would be so much bang for your buck to live outside a big city. In a nice suburban county where the plants are bountiful, and animals roam in your backyard!!

The question is, will I be able to survive in the suburbs? I’m not a homebody who can stay at home a lot and enjoy it. Especially since I can’t drive, right now, moving to a suburb would be a prison for me.

Meanwhile I shall just enjoy this ridiculously expensive, crowded, dirty yet eclectic, all-inclusive, non judgmental and invigorating little bubble. From the 3355232 coffee joints to the 32242341 restaurants, to the 3243 art galleries, 3413 museums, beautiful urban parks and quirky characters. I feel like New York is a city for everyone and no one at the same time. It is such a welcoming city partly due to its transient nature.

To me, for now, at least that is how I perceive New York to be.

Or perhaps, it is because I am renting and hence I feel like there is always a cheaper and better (in some senses) place to be in.


Redonkculous = extremely ridiculous.

It has come to that time of the year where I agonize about moving VS not moving.

We love our tiny one bedroom apartment and its views. However Kris works a lot and I’m going to start school so nobody is going to be at home appreciating the amazing sunsets and whatnots anymore!

But rent keeps getting more and more exorbitant every year!!! By this point, I think we can get more bang for our buck elsewhere. I like the financial district but I’m not fixated on it. My dearest however, insists on being a stone throw’s away from work, so I guess my search perimeter is limited.

We initially thought that having a one bedroom would be useful in having friends/family over but realistically speaking, that is pretty silly. Because A) they seldom ever visit (especially mine who are like 9000000 million miles away) and even when they do its just a couple of nights. I mean its NYC after all, a one bedroom is still like a shoebox, and so nobody visits for ages anyway.

Henceforth, I have decided that a move to a studio apartment in our current building might be the most prudent. (Pending available units!) Sure we can’t host anybody anymore but 10-12 days out of 365 is a sacrifice we are willing to forego.

Rent will ONLY go up and it is my dream to be a homeowner one day. Seeing hard earned money pissed down the black hole is not something I am comfortable with. I rather use the savings add on to our future mortgage or pay for school.


So yes, moving sucks and we hate it, but we’re just going to suck it up. I can only hope that the studio has 2 big closets like the one we currently have.


Let the apartment hunting begin!


Not Moving

$$ can be put into future mortgage/school/trips

Lazy, easier to stay put

Nobody at home to enjoy the view in the day.

Lovely views

A ‘brand new’ place

Hassle to change addresses, mails, internet subscriber.

We need to move eventually anyway.

Moving costs ~estimated 2k (Especially if we need extra closets)

Gives me a peace of mind.

Less space

No more agonizing, rents will be much cheaper as time passes relatively to current place

More romantic coz I get to be closer to Kris ALL THE TIME!

I love to be out and I’m always out anyways!


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