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Learning to appreciate what you have right now

I was reading a blog entry of someone who has (IMHO) a pretty kick ass job, wonderful husband, 2 adorable kids, tons of luxury items, full time help (a big deal in this part of the world) and a shiny brand new home. At 31, I thought that was pretty awesome achievement. But yet she wasn’t happy. I could come up with a few reasons why, but I that is not the point of this post.

The point of this post, is to remind myself of the importance of appreciating what you have right now. There is never enough wants in life. There is always a better job, a better house, better kids, more CRAP to buy, more luxurious items than what you currently have, but to what end?

Instead look at the things you didn’t have a year before and start appreciating what is currently on your plate!

To that note, it seems like we cannot move within the building so my husband has dictated that we stay put. To that, I’m grateful for the awesome view. Its so easy to take for granted what a nice place one currently lives in and moan about other things like the crazy ass price tag. But hey, I shall focus on the good instead. I shall be glad we saved up very hard to be able to continue staying here without much income and that the stock market has been awesome in the last 12 months. It will *ahem* continue to be awesome!!!!!!

I’m happy that I’m going to college, have a kick-ass/sweetie-pie/hulk-like/ hubby and also I’m going to visit Singapore soon! YAYYYYYYY!!!!! CANT WAIT!!!!

I’m so excited about school and so grateful I got in. I met a classmate of mine who applied to Fordham, Columbia and Hunter. She got in to all except Hunter, she was bemoaning the huge price tag and how she might not have enough financial aid to get by. While I’m thankful that I don’t have that problem, I hope she is able to solve her problem by finding financial aid somewhere (luckily she’s American, so she has quite a few options)!! Which brings me to the next issue, I need to think of a research question for my thesis and think the steps I should take to land me a satisfying job upon completion of my Masters Program!

Onward soldiers!!! TROT TROT TROT!!!!


So spring/summer is here and what better way to cool down than with fruit smoothies? I usually eat it for breakfast or brunch depending on how much left over fruit there is!

Nectarine Mango Smoothie

Ingredients List (Nectarine, Mango, greek yoghurt, flaxseed, granola, almonds, pecans and a dash of tumeric)


Green Power Smoothie

Ingredients List ( Avocado, Kale, Spinach, Almonds, Pecans, Hazelnuts, Pistachios, flaxseed and a dash of maple syrup)


Purple Wonders Smoothie

Ingredients List (Strawberries, Blackberries, Yoghurt, Flaxseed, Almonds, Pecans, Pistachios)


Choco-Banana Smoothie

Ingredients (Banana, Cocoa Powder, Oats, Flaxseeds, Wheatbran, Milk, Raspberries, Pecans, Almonds, Hazelnuts)


Orange Mango Tango Smoothie

Ingredients (Orange, Mango, Blackberries, Oats, Milk, Flaxseed)


Strawberry Happiness Smoothie

(Vanilla Froyo, Strawberries, Flaxseed, Oats, Pecans, Almonds)


The Daily Hum Drums

I’m lazy therefore this post has no structure,  but rather its just a laundry list of things I have been doing or thinking about.

1. I have signed up to be a team leader for New York Cares, meaning instead of just showing up at places of need to help the clients. I’m going to attempt to play a more active role in leading volunteers. I attended a team leader training and I must say that the manager of this program is the sweetest person I have met in a while. I feel that she’s very suited for her job and clearly enjoys it. #Faithinhumanityrestored.

2. I am eagerly waiting for the start of graduate school. I feel like reading up in advance but before that I have some boring paperwork/medical exams/transcript related documents and papers to submit and fulfill. #YAWN!!!!! I finished 3 months of my language course and was sad that the final day came and went. I’m glad I took it!

3. Kris left for a business trip and is coming home tomorrow. #YAY!!!!! I foresee him leaving me behind for many more future business trips. #BOO

4. I am so looking forward to going back to Singapore! I bought so much stuff (mostly for the little one). #spoilingkidsisbad but I only see him once a year! He’s so enthralled with cars that he sees me and goes, ‘YIYI TAR TAR CAAAAAAH”. I asked for it, because when we Skyp-ed, I showed him pictures of toy cars online and he now seems to think I own a toy shop that sells cars!

5. I am happy with where my life is going right now. I am very settled in my New York life. Kris’s business is pretty stable and he seems to be confident that it is going in the direction that he anticipated. He’s happy and I’m happy.

6. I spend a lot of time wandering around this beautiful city and even though it is some times dirty, smelly and (relatively more) dangerous. It has *gasp* become my home. As a person, I feel I have grown in this adaptation process. While I still strive for constant betterment, I am okay with things not going the way I want it to go at all times. I feel that no matter what life throws at me, I will be able to handle it with fortitude. It is a very liberating feeling to have.

7. I feel old. But not in a bad way, 30 years have passed by in a wink. Rather than looking back at all the things I think I should have done, I am now focused on the rest of my life that have yet to come. I’m excited at the next part of my life and all the exciting things I’m going to learn, discover and partake in.

Photo dump of stuff I have done over the past few days

1. Enjoying fleet week from our window


2. Eating healthy fruit smoothies. Greek Yoghurt and BerriesIMG_2048


3. Making healthy cabbage/spinach/arugula saladsIMG_2078


4. Exploring murals in Nolita (Lower Manhattan)IMG_2059


5. Posing with Murals (Bowery/Houston)IMG_2040


6. Visiting Museums



7. Receiving chocolates from the husbandIMG_1988

Achieving success

The hubby works in tech, his servers run 24/7 and as such he has to work through the night if things (*choi choi choi*) break during the night.

He currently has ‘server babies’, when he hears a ‘tooooooooot’ in a piercing tone, he jumps up and attends to his ‘server babies’. Which really if you think about it, is good training for future real babies. I’m sure he will jump up like a trained monkey. (haha!)

He is extremely hard working and dedicated to his craft. He has always been like that, when he finds something he’s really interested in, he gives 200% into that job. He likes hard problems, if something is too easy and not challenging, he’s kinda ambivalent about it. If its something that requires him to ponder about something for ages and ages, he literally obsesses about it till he solves the problem.

I feel that he has the perfect psyche for being an entrepreneur because not only does he ‘stresses effectively’, he manages to always be optimistic about his problems and doesn’t give up until he solves them. Sure, he’s a little smarter than the average bear, but what’s really amazing is how HARD he works. He can forget to eat and sleep very little in order to finish what he needs to finish. He rarely EVER moans about his work but continuously plow through the millions of tasks he needs to do on a given day. Oh, he sings on Monday mornings in the shower too! *rolls eyes*

Sometimes, its annoying as a wife, because I like to spend time with him but mostly its inspiring as person because it reminds me that people who succeed in life, rarely have it thrust upon their laps but work really hard to achieve the things they want in life. Remember the quote, “The grass is greener on the other side”? Remember then, that if the grass is greener on the other side, stop placidly looking over the other fence and start WATERING YOUR OWN LAWN!

Redonkculous Rent

Sucking up the redonkculous rent.

Edit: May 30th, 2014

The husband has convinced me that money earned is meant to be channelled towards enjoying life. Therefore we have decided to stay put. We also did look at a studio and while the kitchen was similar in size, nothing else was. Guess we don’t really want to live shoe box. People who live outside NYC already see Manhattan homes as a shoe box, so I guess a studio would be a ‘kid’s shoebox’.

Was chatting with a friend who told me homes in the suburbs go for 300psf, I look at the 1000psf at a very-average home in Manhattan and die a little in side. Eventually it would be so much bang for your buck to live outside a big city. In a nice suburban county where the plants are bountiful, and animals roam in your backyard!!

The question is, will I be able to survive in the suburbs? I’m not a homebody who can stay at home a lot and enjoy it. Especially since I can’t drive, right now, moving to a suburb would be a prison for me.

Meanwhile I shall just enjoy this ridiculously expensive, crowded, dirty yet eclectic, all-inclusive, non judgmental and invigorating little bubble. From the 3355232 coffee joints to the 32242341 restaurants, to the 3243 art galleries, 3413 museums, beautiful urban parks and quirky characters. I feel like New York is a city for everyone and no one at the same time. It is such a welcoming city partly due to its transient nature.

To me, for now, at least that is how I perceive New York to be.

Or perhaps, it is because I am renting and hence I feel like there is always a cheaper and better (in some senses) place to be in.


Redonkculous = extremely ridiculous.

It has come to that time of the year where I agonize about moving VS not moving.

We love our tiny one bedroom apartment and its views. However Kris works a lot and I’m going to start school so nobody is going to be at home appreciating the amazing sunsets and whatnots anymore!

But rent keeps getting more and more exorbitant every year!!! By this point, I think we can get more bang for our buck elsewhere. I like the financial district but I’m not fixated on it. My dearest however, insists on being a stone throw’s away from work, so I guess my search perimeter is limited.

We initially thought that having a one bedroom would be useful in having friends/family over but realistically speaking, that is pretty silly. Because A) they seldom ever visit (especially mine who are like 9000000 million miles away) and even when they do its just a couple of nights. I mean its NYC after all, a one bedroom is still like a shoebox, and so nobody visits for ages anyway.

Henceforth, I have decided that a move to a studio apartment in our current building might be the most prudent. (Pending available units!) Sure we can’t host anybody anymore but 10-12 days out of 365 is a sacrifice we are willing to forego.

Rent will ONLY go up and it is my dream to be a homeowner one day. Seeing hard earned money pissed down the black hole is not something I am comfortable with. I rather use the savings add on to our future mortgage or pay for school.


So yes, moving sucks and we hate it, but we’re just going to suck it up. I can only hope that the studio has 2 big closets like the one we currently have.


Let the apartment hunting begin!


Not Moving

$$ can be put into future mortgage/school/trips

Lazy, easier to stay put

Nobody at home to enjoy the view in the day.

Lovely views

A ‘brand new’ place

Hassle to change addresses, mails, internet subscriber.

We need to move eventually anyway.

Moving costs ~estimated 2k (Especially if we need extra closets)

Gives me a peace of mind.

Less space

No more agonizing, rents will be much cheaper as time passes relatively to current place

More romantic coz I get to be closer to Kris ALL THE TIME!

I love to be out and I’m always out anyways!


Achievement unlocked!

This week has been the best week of 2014!

I have not only, gotten all A’s for all my assignments in the language class I’m taking, but also have been accepted into a Masters Program in Educational Psychology. The former is worth mentioning because I took a college class partly to ‘switch on my engines’, in preparation for graduate studies. It’s swell that I’ve done well, because it gives me greater confidence in doing well for Graduate School.

I’m really excited and grateful for the opportunity to return to school again. I aspire to do more with my life and I feel that this is taking a HUGE step in the right direction. Once again tho, I must remind myself that the journey is as important as the destination. While I want to graduate well academically, I must make sure that I fully enjoy and embrace the learning process.

I’m enjoying the lovely spring weather and looking forward to making a trip back home to my lovely country, Singapore. I miss my family and friends dearly and can’t wait to see them again! Oh, and all the super-yummy-drool-worthy-delicious Singaporean food!!!

I feel so happy that my chest is ballooning in happiness. I’m not sure if that even makes any sense to anyone. However, it does to me!

Special mention must be given to my sweetie pie hubby and all who love me, for their constant support!