Appreciating the good life

I was feeling whiny today, you know one of those days where you things just don’t seem to go right – mostly in my head I might add.

So I decided to think of three good things in my life.

1. My super wonderful hubby who no matter what I cook. NEVER EVER complains about it. He will just eat it. Unless its the untouchables of banana, durian and anything alive/fermented raw.

2. I found a wonderful friend (I’ve known her for a year + now) in the financial district, who listened to me gripe with patience today ! She even makes super healthy & delicious meals for me! She is also the big influencer of the healthy quinoa/arugula/pesto based dinner I’m making for dinner tonight.

3. The luxury of being a housewife/student.

See life not so bad now right?

Oh to add on a 4th happy thought, I have left over lemon cake in the fridge. Its from a box but tastes v yummy!



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