Monthly Archives: March 2014


A small part of my writing class assignment is to observe someone for 5 minutes and write a short paragraph about this person.

Can anyone guess who I wrote about?

 He sat on the large brown sofa with his legs perched on the coffee table. Pounding hard on his keyboard, his gaze never leaves the screen as all his fingers continuously dart between every single letter on the keyboard. The phone rings continuously but yet he barely notices, even if he did hear the phone ring, his expressionless face gives nothing away.  Ever so often, you hear a sigh of frustration, an unintentional swear word and a deep inhalation of breath. His eyebrows almost touch as he peers ever so fixatedly at the black screen with luminous green gibberish.  The sun makes a full rotation and still he is there, pounding, pounding, pounding away as if his life depends on it.

On  a separate note, I left all my exercises to the last minute and now I am paying for it. The weather is still excruciatingly cold so I don’t feel all that bad working at home on my assignments!

Winter BEGONE!!!!!!!