Valentine’s Day and all Hulaboo

A lot of Valentine’s Day is above love, chocolates, expensive dinner and gifts. There is nothing wrong with that, different people experience/give love in different ways.

To me, Valentine’s Day is about remembering that you’re very blessed to find your one true love.

An occasion where you remember to appreciate your partner, for tolerating your nonsense, for loving you despite your sometimes lack of lovability.

To my honey bunny, (who has taken to calling me Funny Bunny, hence the cloying sweet new nickname bestowed upon him)

happy bunny dream

Thank you for loving your very strange FUNNY BUNNY! For accepting her silly-ness, embracing her dramatic-ness and enjoying her cute-ness.

You are my sweetie, my dear. My hugs and my kisses!

A pair of sweetie bunnies to call it a truce!

lovely bunnies

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