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Apart from being Mr Smarty Pants, I think the reason why Kris succeeds is because he is so DARN focused. He’s by far the most focused person I know in my life. When he wants something, is interested in something or is invested in something. He literally goes all out. Night and Day means nothing to him, meals are forgotten, wife (what wife?) is momentarily regarded as a meal making machine and he literally spends all his energy on that one big problem. Jokes aside, being focused and committed to your cause is a very important trait to have. The Facebook generation has an average of 7-10 tabs open simultaneously and never seems to be able to only carry 1 conversation at any given time.

I look at him and I want to be focused like that! (Well sometimes!)

Coz right now, we’re supposed to be at a Superbowl party and I have already told him 3 times, LETS GO!! and he keeps saying almost done, almost done, almost done! Its also Sunday and he has worked most of Saturday and Sunday. Luckily I’m very good at self entertaining and making friends!

Happy Ground Hog day everyone!

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