Little Snipplets of Happiness

Number 1

An old video sent by my sis! Cuteness pie on my lap when he first landed at JFK and was en-route to my home!

Number 2

Ex-colleagues/mentor/friend that I had to pull in favors from all agreed without much hesitation. Not only that, they were really encouraging and supportive of my decision! Nice to know that after X number of years, people still remember you for the positive things you have done!

Number 3

A new friend from NYC who gave me this out of the BLUE! Coz I mentioned that I wanted to try it and was having some problems with XYZ!

Mille F

She is also the same friend that gave me a ‘care pack’ for Xmas!


I feel very lucky! To have sweet thoughtful gifts that are OUT OF THE BLUE! Thanks W! She like me has also the cutest nephew in the world! HUGE HUGE eyes and a big bowl of hair! Too cute!

Number 4

My BEB (context) hubbylet who’s always so encouraging despite having 1 zillion things to do in his new business!

Number 5

His new business seems to be going on the right track! One step closer to Tai Tai Dom for me!



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