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Been meaning to do a resolution list of all sorts but I haven’t gotten the inspiration for it. Briefly thought about a laundry list of the things to be grateful for in 2013 but haven’t gotten around to that either.

Today marks the 1st day of the Lunar Calendar and it heralds the beginning of the Lunar New Year.

I have one goal in this Horsey Year.

I need room for more Love. More Self love, more love for my wonderful husband, my families, friends and people around me.

I want to work on ‘Self Love’, because the happier and more content I am with myself and my life, the more ‘Love’ I can give to those around me.

So this year, I will be less hard on myself, take more time to enjoy everything I’m blessed with and not feel guilty for the lack of conformity to societal’s standards. I will be lazy some days and it will be okay. I will drive myself up the wall somedays and it will be okay. I will dream up dreams and they will crash and burn, but it will be okay.

It will be okay because everything I want and have is in my heart, mind and soul. I just need to reach in (sometimes with a little more effort than the other times) and grab it!



So here’s wishing everyone I love: ‘MORE love: romantic blissful love, deliriously happy induced love and just plain good old happy love!’

恭禧發財, 马年大吉, 心想事成


Reminiscing boating life

A few days ago our friends from SV Malaika sent us some pictures of our old boat SV Oia. These are the new owners (pardon the intrusion but a good reminder that you’re never really outdoors alone especially with the crazy zooming capabilities of high end cameras!)

IMG_4487 IMG_4495 IMG_4521


The little sail boat that Kris spend many waking hours repairing but didn’t get to sail across the world. It made me feel a tinge of regret and a little whimsical to be honest.

Of course, I am perched high up in my Manhattan apartment, wayyyyyyyy removed from the elements of the sea that affords me with the luxury of being whimsical. A boat is SHEER hard work, loads of physically labour and financial liabilities attached to it for brief moments of pleasure. (IMHO)

Kris refuses to budge on owning a sailboat as opposed to owning motor boat. I dislike keeling over with a vengeance so I guess we’re never owning a boat again.  The idea of living in a boat/owning a boat is really romantic, one envisions picturesque sceneries, wind ruffling through your hair, big hats, fashionable sun glasses and cruisers without a care in the world.

Well thats a FALLACY! Sailing is harder than driving, you have to look at sea level (fishing lines), surroundings (other boats), below (rocks/corals and what nots) all the time. The wind has a mind of its own. If you don’t enjoy the physical act of sailing, I recommend just flushing cash down your toilet bowl instead. Electronics and the sea are arch enemies, so there is ALWAYS ALWAYS something to fix!

But once in a while, its nice to look back at the experience of owning a boat. An alternative lifestyle, a road less travelled, courage to pursue (his) dreams and tenacity to follow it thru. He wanted something, overcame all the challenges involved, planned and strategized to reach his goals! That’s my SUPERBOT husband! A Do-er and a Dreamer! Me? I just am his whacky side-sick, willing to ride on these little adventures with him!

Truth to be told, there was brief moments that I enjoyed the rush of doing something different, the thrill of being afraid but the anticipation of fear was really what got me in. Lesson learnt? Dont waste time being afraid of the future, live in the present. The fear of fear is often worse than the actual scenario.

Thanks OIA for the memories.

Little Snipplets of Happiness

Number 1

An old video sent by my sis! Cuteness pie on my lap when he first landed at JFK and was en-route to my home!

Number 2

Ex-colleagues/mentor/friend that I had to pull in favors from all agreed without much hesitation. Not only that, they were really encouraging and supportive of my decision! Nice to know that after X number of years, people still remember you for the positive things you have done!

Number 3

A new friend from NYC who gave me this out of the BLUE! Coz I mentioned that I wanted to try it and was having some problems with XYZ!

Mille F

She is also the same friend that gave me a ‘care pack’ for Xmas!


I feel very lucky! To have sweet thoughtful gifts that are OUT OF THE BLUE! Thanks W! She like me has also the cutest nephew in the world! HUGE HUGE eyes and a big bowl of hair! Too cute!

Number 4

My BEB (context) hubbylet who’s always so encouraging despite having 1 zillion things to do in his new business!

Number 5

His new business seems to be going on the right track! One step closer to Tai Tai Dom for me!



Hilarity ensues in the Beevers Household


Just the other day, We were walking along the streets at Times Square when a dude came up to us and said.
Him: Do you guys like to laugh?
Kris: I hate comedy.
Him: Oh where are you from New Jersey? Hoboken? Bergen?
Me: Wahahahahahahaaaa
And today!
I was giving him a big bear hug before he left the house and….
Me: Wow your stomach is so hard!
Him: * looks smug about his ‘muscles’ *
Me: Oh wait a minute, I’m not implying its harden muscles. I meant beer encrusted hard big belly!
Him: Beer encrusted??
Me: What I mean is, you drink so much beer, that your belly is big and rock hard! Muahahahahahaaa. From now on, I’m going to call it your beer encrusted belly! BEB!!!!
Him: -_-