Home with the Green card

After 2 weeks in Europe and 8 days in Adams and Vermont, the bots are finally home! We spent more of November traveling, then in our home so we’re glad to be back for a while! I’m really happy to be home!

Well, till we have to drive up to Adams for Christmas again! But Christmas is a time to be with family, so all is well. (Did you hear that family in Singapore? SKYPE ME MORE!!!! Or rather get Isaiah to skype me more!!!! *tee hee*)

Anyways, after 21 months of waiting, my Green card is finally here. Today I applied for my first job in America, together with my virgin resume and cover letter! I hope I’ll at least get a call back, it would be devastating to not even get an interview! I know the economy is picking up so *crosses fingers*. I also strongly believe in the philosophy of the organization, plus their office is quite literally next door! *crosses fingers again*

Also after 21 months of not having a TV and landline. My hubby decided that he needs a phone line for his company and a big screen TV to watch the upcoming Olympics/project his graphs and charts.  Although, the cable company might want to charge more for the Olympic channels that we’re not inclined to shell out money for. The 2014 World Cup in Brazil also makes me sorta excited.

Anyways, the most basic FIOS plan is still 120 a month (including taxes, equipment and whatnots) and the TV itself was like 500 bucks. Together with a Roku and TV stand, its  literally  ~US2000 flushed down the drain. I’m not sure where he’s getting the money from honestly. Probably from our future disposable diaper fund!!!

As you can see, I think a TV is a waste of money because:

1) It makes me lazier! More excuses to lounge around instead of clean and organize!

2) All that I need to watch from the TV can be sourced from the internet!

3) I rather be outside!

4) I’m going to start working and who’s going to be watching TV at home?

But in the end, Kris always wins. I might act like the bossy one, but he’s the real boss at home!!! #wiveshavenorights

But I’m sure I’ll enjoy the TV a lot more than I should!

I also rearranged the furniture (ALL BY MEEEEEESELF) to accommodate the extra furniture. My house is no longer spartan and empty like we first started because we have added a huge storage shelf, a small bookshelf and a printer ‘table’ in our tiny little hall. I’m not sure how we’re going to fit our airbed now, but the dining table can be folded up and we can all eat on the floor!

There is a lot more clutter and  the room is now wayyyyyyyyyyyy cozier than we first started, but its our first home together so it still pretty special to me! We can get to know our guests in a more intimate level I suppose. I mean I can hear them breathing from inside my room. Muahahahaa!

With the economy picking up and freedom tower open next year, rents are going to definitely increase a lot next year. It sucks to move, but I sure as hell wouldn’t mind paying 2/3 the rent across the river! I suppose, we shall see. NSONE is doing pretty ok (My hubby is awesome like that!) , so hopefully rent will not be a problem in 2014!

Tata folks!

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