Love with Food Box November 2013

There a recent trend of food boxes, like Love with Food, Nature Box, Paleo Box etc etc, you can find more subscription boxes HERE. Basically they would send you new products or various products every month for you to sample new stuff. If you’re a foodie like me, who has a LOVE-LOVE relationship with yummy nom-noms, you’ll LOVE it. The thing with Love with Food is that they also pledge to donate a meal to a hungry child for every box you order. Although, I’m not sure how much that meal costs, and who I am donating the food to. You have to well, trust them.

(Which is increasingly difficult in this technologically advanced world of ours. There’s a severe lack of human touch. I use to internet to talk more than I meet people face to face, or feel more comfortable for that matter using the keyboard to communicate. I digress)


I’ve been wanting to try Love with Food for ages but I’m a closet commitment-phobe so I was holding back for a while. And Violaaaaaaa, one day FB had an amazing discount of 5 dollars for your first box (with an option of canceling future subscriptions), so I thought, why NOT!

Lets do it.

So I signed up and waited anxiously for 2+ weeks and yesterday, my wait ended.

Presenting to you, Love with Food November Box 2013!

IMG_8897 IMG_8900 IMG_8901

For those who don’t want to squint their eyes, here are the items presented in the tiny (but filled with love) box!

1) Tuxedo Popcorn from Kukuruza

2) Green and Black’s Organic Dark 70% chocolate

3) Maple Fudge from Laura Secord

4) Ginger Twist Tea from Mightly Leaf

5) Almond, Apricot and Yoghurt Bar from Eat Natural

6) Rosemary, Sea Salt shortbread from Dancing Deer Baking Co

7) Sweet corn crunch from Sensible Foods

8) Authentic Indian Spice blend from Arora Creations

9) Sweet potato pop chips from Popchips.

*Please note, that I was not paid to run this ‘advert’ and that the portion sizes of this box are mostly tiny/sample sizes*

Are they worth it for 10-12? I’m undecided. Price value wise and free delivery is pretty awesome but! if you don’t like some of the products in it, then maybe it won’t be worth it for you. Also, if you love new surprises every month. It might be fun.

Life’s short! Take a risk

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