Project Grateful 365 (Day 196): Grateful for Gramma

Kris’s gramma is one of the first few family members of Kris’s that I met. I remember that he took me home in 2010 to met his family and then we drove up to Burlington to meet his gramma.

She’s really the sweetest old lady ever. I think we hit it off almost the second we met, although she could barely understand my thick Singaporean accent. (Proves my point that communication is 70% non verbal!). I can’t even put into words why I love her so much, but she’s just very very lovable. If I had to try, I think it would be because she accepted me into her quaint little apartment with so much love. She gave me a huge bear hug (not the uncomfortable types that you get from new people you just met) but a huge firm and ‘oh I’m really so glad to meet you’ type of hug. Back then I had only dated Kris for like a year, but she just so warmly welcomed me into her home, that I thought it was extremely, extremely sweet. We chatted for a while, brought her out for a fish sandwich and ice cream and she was just so happy and grateful even though it was a ratty old little place. After lunch, she told Kris, ‘I’m going for a little sleep, go buy Charlene something nice at the store.’ Which I guess, made me love her even more!

After we got married, I call her in the afternoon sometimes and she would ask me questions like, “Mrs Beevers, how do you like being a housewife and taking care of the house? Does Kristopher treat you well? I’m sure he does.” Somehow typing it out doesn’t quite bring out the adorable tone that she uses, but it will suffice for now.

For a host of reasons, we have been unable to visit her as often as we would like too. So today, I decided to do a little shopping and send her a little care package.

I got her a nice scarf for fall, some snuggly socks, a small packet of oatmeal shortbread cookies and a picture frame with the 3 of us sitting comfortably in her couch! I’m so excited to send off the package on Monday! It’s nothing fancy really, but I know it will most definitely bring a smile to her face. 🙂



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