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SilverKris Lounge -Terminal 3

Silver Kris Lounge in Terminal 3

Recently on the flight from Singapore to New York JFK airport, I had the chance to pop into the Silver Kris Lounge in Changi International airport!

Here are some pictures of the swanky place!


Decently quiet resting area


Plenty of drink choices


Fancy coffee machine, hot chocolate machine and canister to hold hot water for tea


TWG tea choices



Snacks and a full bar.


Shower facilities

There is another 3 bar/beverage areas and an array of buffet choices but since I already had dinner, I didn’t bother to picture the food items. I did see that there was ee-fu noodles, prawn sambal, rice, chicken curry, salads, cakes, cold soba and sushi selections just to name a few.

Overall, pretty swanky lounge. The only lounge that I’ve been to that is  fancier is the Virgin Atlantic San Franciso Club lounge. Truth to be told that lounge is a class in itself. I think that for a regular business class lounge, the Silver Kris Lounge is really really awesome. I mean after all, its Singapore 🙂