Project Grateful 365: Day 193 – Grateful for lovely summer days spent outdoors!

Best part about summer in NYC? Outdoor movie screenings! So yesterday after a glorious picnic day at the Rockefeller Park we decided to trot over to South Side Seaport for an outdoor movie. They were showing Hugo and we both loved the movie!

Our day started out at  Whole foods, where we picked out some yummies before bringing our food, a book, some sunnies and a blanket to stake out by the park.


It was a glorious day for it too!



Check out the vintage looking bike at the left hand corner. Maybe someday we’ll move to Paris and I can ride one of those bikes along the cobbled stones with a basket. Hee! Just like in the movies!




 After sufficiently lounging around, reading, eating and people watching,  we proceed to go home, drop our stuff, hastily put together another picnic dinner before trotting over to the seaport for our movie date!

The movie started at 8pm but we went at 6pm, got some front row seats and chilled/read a book while waiting for the movie to start.


Did I also mention that its still peachs/nectarines season. I love those so much. Om nom nom


I love summer days! (When its not too hot) Yesterday was a perfect 28deg!!

Something funny happened along our walk along the Hudson that I feel compelled to share.

I was looking at the boats along the pier when I heard my partner go under his breathe, ‘oh look at that douchebag train’.

I turned over and I looked at this massive group of say 20+ people, wearing the same clothes (girls ultra scantily clad and guys with  hats all perfectly angled juuuuuust at the tip of their head, you know like J.B) and just SWAGGGGGGERING along, blocking the entire pathway, acting like they were super cool). I just couldn’t help but giggle because he nailed that comment.

I love that my husband makes me laugh with silly comments like all.

So perfect summer days and perfect hubby in hand. My Saturday was truly something to be grateful for!

Oh look! As a bonus entry , you get to see the cutest lil spiderman in the world!

ice spiderman


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