Tides of change (Project Grateful 192)

Today whilst doing a daily mundane chore of opening the mail box, I discovered a change in my character.

I got a letter in my mailbox stating that my visa has YET again been delayed due to xxx reasons and to allow them another 6 months processing time.

When I got it, instead of being annoyed as I usually have been. I was just happy I heard something from them since 5 months ago, since they last approved that particular part of the paperwork.

It could be that I’ve learnt to expect so little from that particular agency but I would like to think that I’ve become more patient and more forgiving throughout this process. I’ve gained perspective towards the whole matter and while 6 months is a long time, its not the be all and end all for me anymore.

Nothing ever is; because life is a journey.

Life throws you crap all the time and its so much easier to just be enraged and upset. Sometimes you get upset because you have every right to, or because you cannot control your emotions. So vent all you want, be frustrated and be upset all you want but know at the end of the day life still has to go on.  More often than not, the little problem that we’re currently obsessing about? becomes only a bleak of dirt in your journey of life.

Morbid as it sounds, we are born, have xxx amount of years to live then we die. So make it count. Refuse to let the nitty gritties of life get you down, after all

“This too shall pass”

So this is my Grateful entry number 192. I’m grateful for growing in strength.

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