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New York City has restaurant week twice a year, once in Summer and another in Winter. As such you get prix fixe meals for a steal at some fancy places. Lunch goes for 25++ and dinner for 38++ (9% sales tax and tip of about 20%). The wonderful part of being a housewife? You can go for nice long leisurely lunches anytime. YAYYYY!!!!!!!

Today I booked Nobu New York for lunch with a friend. I’ve heard good things about it from many food reviews.

Appetizer – Shrimp Tempura with spicy sauce


The shrimp tempura batter was so light and airy and very very lightly coated in batter. It had a tinge of spiciness and was nicely balanced with a tad of sourness from the lemon dressing. I loved it.

Entree – Assorted sushi 


(Gindara, tuna, scallop, Alaskan crab, salmon, fluke).

The sushi was really really fresh and of remarkable quality. Sushi/Sashimi is all about the freshness of fish really, so it was a big WIN for me. The scallop was of outstanding quality actually, normally they come a little fishy for me but this was perfectly sweet and fresh. Loved it the most.The sushi rice was good too. Not as good as some of the Japanese rice I had in Tokyo but still decent quality for America.

Entree – Arctic Char with Ponzu sauce


My friend had Arctic Char with Ponzu sauce, which by the way is a cold water fish very similar to salmon. She said it tasted great but was a little raw in the middle. I guess its a Japanese restaurant after all.

Dessert – Raspberry cheesecake mousse.


You can’t see it from the picture but its really tiny, perfect end to a meal. Sweet dessert but not heavy at all, very light and airy, texture was almost similar to whipped cream.

I was a very very happy housewife at the end of the meal.

Nobu New York
105 Hudson Street, New York. 

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