Back from wallowing in my mud pool

I took a short break from blogging, especially from Project Grateful because frankly I wasn’t all that happy. I was angry with a lot of things and I didn’t want to lie about being grateful while wallowing in my mud pool.

Anyhow, the storm has cleared and I am back! I must remember that nothing goes smoothly all the time and not let setbacks get me down. I always tell myself that, but sometimes its harder in practice!

So what cheered me up?????

I had a wonderful visit from my baby nephew Ice and his parents, together with a ‘surprise’ visit from Teresa a couple of days ago. That cheered me up tremendously! I guess I was a little homesick! Little Ice is so cute and had a good time bonding with Uncle kris. He really just gets cuter and cuter. He’s more interactive now and more his own person, no longer this doe eyed curious boy who’s content to look at the world from your arms. He reaches and grabs things, eats everything in sight! and just wouldn’t stop squirming around! Little moving ball of cuteness! Teresa was here because she was stranded in NYC for a while due to delayed and cancelled flights, poor her but I’m glad we got a couple of hours to talk and chill!


Getting lots of kisses!IMG_5067

How can you NOT love this boy?


Teresa and Me at the Brooklyn Bridge


Martinus and Ice on the plane


Ice perched on Yiyi’s shoulders, attempting to pull out all her hair!


Martinus and Ice at the Staten Ferry


Ice excited and happy at the Cuban restaurant


Happy Uncle and Ice


Normal Pic


Bullying Pic


Ice giving a ‘what are these adults doing’ look


Macho father and nonchalant son



The Kosasih’s arriving at JFK

2 thoughts on “Back from wallowing in my mud pool

  1. Medha Kudaisya

    super super like! Although I already saw the pictures on facebook I'm really enjoying seeing them again..I'm so glad you had these rays of sunshine to tempt you out of your mud pool 🙂


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