Project Grateful 365: (DAY 189) 30 and Fabulous

I’ve turned 30!

30 and FABULOUS!!!!!!

Here’s a poem I composed while lying in bed this morning!

30 years of age.
Now wise like an old sage!
Family and friends fill the page.
That’s all I need for old age!

I’m grateful for the yummy lunch, cupcakes-cake, lovely cards, presents and wishes from all over the world!

But I’m most grateful for the love and relationships/friendships that I’ve cultivated for the past 30 years. It takes time and effort to build long-lasting friendships and a concerted effort to build new ones in this new city. I’m grateful for meeting wonderful people throughout my life and they have enriched my life greatly throughout this 30 years.

So here’s to all my relationships cultivated all over the world!

I’m especially thankful for my husband! His warm bear hugs and everlasting love is my greatest gift this year!

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