Project Grateful 365: Day 187 Grateful for myself!

Today I am grateful for myself, for 5 days I felt like I was in a rut! Super angry with all the sour lemons that got throw my way, worried about the future and so so so frustrated.

I didn’t want to do anything, go anywhere or meet anyone. But I forced myself** to just SUCK IT ALL bloody up and focus on the good! So I did! I crawled out of the deep dark hole that I partially dug for my own self and started going out more and restarted my exercise regime!

The result is more new friends! and a more positive outlook in life!

So I’m proud of myself and grateful for myself. This move and stagnation in life has been hard, but I’m better than all the difficulties and challenges in life. I am not perfect but I’m going to fight so very hard to get the things I deserve in life!




**(not without the help of my loved ones of course! Listening to me rant and being patient with me. THANK YOU!!!!!)

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