Project Grateful 365: Day 182 Sunny days and adorable Charlie

Today I woke up to a beautiful sunshiney day!



The sun was awesome (not too hot and oppressive) and there was a nice cool breeze too! Then I got to hung up with my 2 favourite people from 20 exchange!

This little cutie and his mom!



He’s a little man now, all 12 months old! He just keeps getting cuter and more interactive. My favourite is when you put your hands to your lips and move it up and down and Charlie Bear follows! A close second is when he shakes his butt when he hears the ABC song. How cute is that!

Later in the evening, I attempted to make gluten free cheese balls, they didn’t quite rise the way they were expected too, which made it not quite as delicious. They contain a lot of liquid too, so it was smoking a lot and I was worried about setting the fire alarm off.  Anyways, this is what they look like.


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