Project Grateful 365: Day 181 – Housewives in NYC

I met another 3 housewives in NJ’s Mitsuwa today. Our intention was to have lunch and get some Japanese groceries, turns out we had so much fun catching up that I only managed to catch the 4.15pm bus back. Almost 4 over hours of chatting. The company was great! So thanks S, W and N!

I’m grateful today for yummy Japanese food and good company. I love to hear stories about another culture. Its  fun to learn about how the lives of other women are like in an entirely different country. If you think about it humans are so similar and yet so different. Through artificial geographical and national boundaries, varying social norms and culture expectations we might grow up in entirely different environments, but at the core of it all we have the same type of blood running through our veins, and all need food and air to survive.

Personally I feel more knowledge of different ethnicities, religion and culture can help to bridge gaps between different societies and in the long run breeds more tolerance and less conflict hopefully.

I bought some fresh noodles and soup base and tonight my lucky husband is going to have Tonkatsu Ramen! Om nom nom!

So today I’m grateful for delicious food and good company.  I think that its a blessing to meet nice people and so far in the city, I seem to have met some really nice people. So YAY to that!



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