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My attempt at ‘Poetry’ on a gloomy Sunday afternoon

Flights of fancy, 9000 miles apart


The quest for a home led across the globe


The same sun, moon and sky, yet worlds apart


A place called home, round and round the globe



A kindred spirit when two heads meet


The heart finds solace in a new friend made


Laughter and sorrow are shared in a plate


And hence a friendship is made



Traversing the globe to find one’s soul


Banging one’s head in a city’s ghoul


The bright lights blind’s one’s soul


Resulting in an empty hole. 



Project Grateful 365: Day 187 Grateful for myself!

Today I am grateful for myself, for 5 days I felt like I was in a rut! Super angry with all the sour lemons that got throw my way, worried about the future and so so so frustrated.

I didn’t want to do anything, go anywhere or meet anyone. But I forced myself** to just SUCK IT ALL bloody up and focus on the good! So I did! I crawled out of the deep dark hole that I partially dug for my own self and started going out more and restarted my exercise regime!

The result is more new friends! and a more positive outlook in life!

So I’m proud of myself and grateful for myself. This move and stagnation in life has been hard, but I’m better than all the difficulties and challenges in life. I am not perfect but I’m going to fight so very hard to get the things I deserve in life!




**(not without the help of my loved ones of course! Listening to me rant and being patient with me. THANK YOU!!!!!)

The waiting game …….

At least 10 phone calls to USPS before they finally confessed they lost my documents. Not before transferring me back and forth to at least 8 representatives.

Have probably spent at least 30-50hours on hold with USCIS, again transferring me back and forth, telling me to call back in 7 days, call back in 14 days, call back in 30 days and still nothing at the end.

USCIS and USPS are my two favorite government agencies in the world.

Oh wait, I’ll soon have to deal with the DMV too.

I love AMERICA so so much.

If this was back home, I would have found a way to get my documentation in less than 1.5 years.

This is plain ridiculous.

What frustrates me the most is everybody just wants to transfer you somewhere else, or make you put down the phone and call back again. I think its because their efficiency rating is measured on how many calls they ‘solve’ per hour. Nobody is willing to listen patiently to whats going on, the moment they get a sign they can transfer you away, they do it.

They need an overhaul of they way they solve problems of their customers in these government agencies. I mean losing such important paperwork of mine is such a big deal that they seem to treat it so lightly. Those documents that have been lost in the mail, it could land in bad hands and my entire identity could be stolen. I mean, the lack of empathy and apologetics is forgivable but come on at least just do your bloody job and fix the problem!!!!!!

I’m beginning to think that, it is way easier for Kris to get a PR in Singapore, than for me to get my paperwork settled and maybe find a job here. Maybe its a sign that we should move back home. America frustrates me.

We called USCIS back again (the 2nd time that afternoon) and the ‘supervisor’ told us that the previous agent had told us a mis truth and that they WILL NOT resend the pass to us just made us fly off the handle. We requested to speak to the manager and we were told that they might get back to us in maybe 24 hours. Apparently, we need to refile the entire process, which means go back 4 months before. I think Kris also about had it and that is the last straw for him to say, ‘Okay, my country has screwed around with you enough, lets pack our packs and go back to Singapore.’

So depending on what the ‘manager’ says tomorrow and depending on what his congressman can do for us. We might just decide to move back home. Honestly though, I do not have enough energy to continue this process any longer. Its such a battle to get simple things done. I’m exhausted in dealing with them, I cannot imagine myself continuing this process for the next 12 years or more if I want to get naturalized. I don’t think it seems worth it.

Project Grateful 365 (Day 184, 185, 186) – Beluga Love

(Day 184) I HEART BELUGAS!!!!

I love love BELUGAS! They are like underwater teddy bears. All cute and soft and squishy!!!!!!! I was really chuffed to be able to go to the Georgia Aquarium to see my favourite whale! Belugas are usually cottony white and super friendly! They are commonly found in the arctic and sometimes subarctic regions. They also have 50% body fat, so they are quite the little chubbers!

beluga 2 beluga1


(Day 186) Grateful for being a ‘follow-bot’

I got to follow Kris to his business trip and I remember thinking before (way backkkkkkkk when I was younger, how good housewives/tai-tai’s get it!) I got to wallow in the nice comfy hotel bed, not have to clean/dust/cook or do any form of housework, besides packing for the trip and unpacking for the trip, watch some TV as a special treat and explore a new city. Its like a trip on my own but with company in the evenings and hugs to sleep. How awesome is that??


(Day 187) Grateful for being happy with simple things! 

Today I cleaned everything! I even washed the floor rugs and all!, went for a nice walk, played with little Charlie bear, made dinner, bought some groceries, signed up to be a team leader for New York Cares and even managed a combo blog entry! I feel accomplished! Best part? Its only 7pm! The night is still young!!!!

I like busy/relaxed days. Meaning I did a lot but didn’t feel rushed! Everything was done at my leisure and I have a nice time doing everything! So today I’m grateful for being happy when doing chores and living a simple life! Somedays I get annoyed being a housewife but today I treasure being one! So I must remember to be grateful for that!




Project Grateful 365: Day 183 – Oh Happy Sluggy Days!

I like following Kris on business trips!

(actually its also because I don’t like staying at home alone!)

Huge King Size squishy soft beds, huge TV and cable!


I dont like the idea of watching too much TV, but once in a while its okay! Its like a kind of special treat on vacations! I mean daytime TV is so much trash and once Kris comes home, I rather we go for walks, do something outdoors or have a nice chat over dinner then be glued to the TV.

Anyways this was me today!



The cutest slug in the entire state of Georgia!


Spot my little toes!

Once in a while, its nice to have lazy days! Nothing on my to do list, no errands to run, nobody to meet, no dinner to cook, nothing to clean/scrub/wash. Just me and my sluggy self!


**Warning! Slug like behaviour can only happen at most once a month**








Hee! I felt like a silly entry! Tomorrow I will troop down to Georgia’s Aquarium!  I think its still currently the biggest aquarium in the world with 8 million gallons in the world!

Oh wait! MY COUNTRY HAS TOPPED THAT! With over 10.5 million gallons in the world! With the newly opened S.E.A aquarium! TAKE THAT AMERICA!!!!!!


Project Grateful 365: Day 182 Sunny days and adorable Charlie

Today I woke up to a beautiful sunshiney day!



The sun was awesome (not too hot and oppressive) and there was a nice cool breeze too! Then I got to hung up with my 2 favourite people from 20 exchange!

This little cutie and his mom!



He’s a little man now, all 12 months old! He just keeps getting cuter and more interactive. My favourite is when you put your hands to your lips and move it up and down and Charlie Bear follows! A close second is when he shakes his butt when he hears the ABC song. How cute is that!

Later in the evening, I attempted to make gluten free cheese balls, they didn’t quite rise the way they were expected too, which made it not quite as delicious. They contain a lot of liquid too, so it was smoking a lot and I was worried about setting the fire alarm off.  Anyways, this is what they look like.