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Project Grateful 167: A lesson in looking at a glass half full

Today I conquered 2 parks! Central Park and Battery Park!




I went to Central Park post lunch for a walk with a friend, Starbucks in hand like a true New Yorker!

There were plenty of people in the park for some reason, its as if nobody had to work! It was sweltering tho, humid and hot! Reminded me of Singapore!

Since I had to rush out of the house in the afternoon, I left the laundry half unfolded on the bed and zoom-ed out. I meant to do it before Kris got home but got distracted by making a picnic dinner. Kris came back saw the pile of clothes and said, ‘Don’t worry I’ll fold it later. ‘While enjoying our romantic picnic at the park, he mentioned a list of things he was happy about today and one of them was, ‘I’m grateful that someone does my laundry for me.’

I think Kris is really one of those very optimistic people, because he comes home from a long day at work and instead of saying, “Aiya! Clothes all messy on the bed! He thinks, Oh so nice someone did my laundry for me!’ Its a small issue really but it shows how important it is to always look at the glass half full! Many people forget that!

I’m very grateful to be reminded of that today. You can look at your own life and find a million faults! Or you can look at your life thru happy glasses and always find something to be thankful about.

I’m very lucky to be married to a truly optimistic person! Always happy and positive! He’s a joy to be around!

So I must remember, instead of thinking, ‘OH CRAP ROOT CANAL! I must think! Oh luckily there is the invention of anesthetic!





Project Grateful 166: Grateful for our little home

I really love our tiny little apartment. The location is perfect, small and cosy enough for the two of us and has really lovely views of the statue of liberty and the Hudson River. Its nice having your own little space! I love my home!

I’m sitting at the window ledge (Its rather fat) with the windows closed of course! and blogging. Life has been good for a while, little kinks here and there but everything has been normal and peaceful.

May 20th, 2013

Project Grateful 365: Macaroon Success! (Day 165)

**turns out my break didnt last long!**

3rd time success BABYROONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today my macaroons finally managed to be lifted off the wax paper without breaking.

I know that I’m a noob at baking macaroons and the first 2 times were sorrowful experiences.

Remember those #failcaroons #stupidroons #wontcomeoffthewaxpaperoons?

Well I’m 3rd time lucky, this time those babies came off the wax paper without much effort!

I know that they are not LADURÉE or Pierre Hermé macaroons but they are my own little babyroons.

IMG_3994 IMG_3997


I’m so proud of myself! Macroons require patience and precision, skills I lack severely in my life.

I thought about perfecting them into perfect little round babies. But you know what, I’m not going to seek perfection in everything. Odd shaped or not, this shall be my PERFECTLITTLEROONS!!!!

Little Break

Sorry about the long hiatus from Project Grateful, I realized that compelling oneself to blog every single day has its downsides.

I feel pressured sometimes to churn out something and its tiring.

I want to finish my 365 entries though, but I need a little break.

So my self imposed break begins now.


My eldest sister had a small health scare on Mother’s Day and that got me a little worried for a while. Thankfully its nothing serious. Paupauroooos,  please take good care of yourself in Singapore. I worry for you sometimes. I hope this little incident has given you impetus to take better care of yourself.

Happy Mother’s Day Mum! I’m very far away but I thought of you lots on Mother’s Day. I hope you enjoyed the card and will buy something nice for yourself with the small AP! Or maybe you’ll just go ahead and buy fruits for little Isaiah instead!

My 2nd sister, which also acts like a mum to me. She often goes, skirt too short, don’t swim out too far, your curfew is 12am.  She’s my little mother goose. She told me that she misses me everyday and that made me tear a little. She also celebrated her first mother’s day with little Isaiah, which I’m sure was very very special to her.

I miss my family all 9000 miles away and I hope everyone can be happy and healthy!

On the bright side, 3 of them are coming next year and maybe more will come the year after!

I love to clean the house and do laundry whenever I’m homesick. I think its because its gives me a sense of structure and control. #wierdhabits


Project Grateful 365 (164): Grateful for decent health care

I’m done fretting about the darn dentist. It scares me for to no end, so instead I shall find a way to be grateful about this whole darn procedure!

So I’m grateful that

1) I’ve partial dental coverage.

2) I can afford the root canal and assorted procedures. (If you cant, I reckon you just gotta extract and leave a gapping hole!)

3) I’m in the US, so while health care is exorbitant, its also relatively advanced compared to the rest of the world.

4) The invention of pain meds (Laughing gas (nitrous oxide) or IV meds) will help me not feel the actual pain.

5)  I wont have to go alone.


HUP HUP HUP! Dentophobia GO AWAY!