Project Grateful 365 (Day 173): Grateful for a life with no deadlines!

No matter how much one loves their job, there are some days (especially mornings) where you go, ‘Meh Meh, I don’t want to go to work.’ It was one of those days where the hubby-bot felt like that. Poor lil botty-man, but he’s resilient so he’ll forget that ‘meh-meh’ feelings once he reaches the office and is bombarded by all the work!

Suddenly I remembered what a friend said, ‘Being a housewife is a privilege.’ I have no deadlines to meet, no stress, no targets to hit. All My husband is so easy going and has such a high tolerance for dirt that even if I dont clean for a month, he’ll probably not notice! HAH! Too bad I don’t have the same threshold!

I can wear the most comfy clothes (holes and all) to do my job and nobody is to judge me! I can sleep in and do my chores whenever I feel like it and there’s nobody to say, ‘Come in at 9am!’

Errands, tasks and a mish-mash of appointments are best done in the day because there are less people on the streets. I’m going to do laundry later at a semi empty laundry room, I’ve tried doing it at weekends and its MASS CHAOS! Its nice to have a stress free life, with no deadlines.

Cooking/Baking is my favourite part of being a housewife! I don’t think I cook all that well, but I think my repertoire of skills have being ‘upgraded’ in the span of a few months! I love putting a nice warm meal for the both of us and watch him stuff his hungry face!


Cod fish marinated with herbs on a bed of pilaf rice, yellow peppers and beans

For the first time in years and years, I noticed the other day that I have NO eye bags! Nothing at all. 😀

So today I must be grateful and happy of my stress free life and be thankful to my wonderful husband!

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