Project Grateful 365 (Day 169): I survived a root canal surgery!

In more ways than one, the preamble towards this dreaded day was worse than the 1.5 hours on the dentist chair. I read up quite a bit on the psychology of fear and my Dentophobia but still I was pretty scared a few days leading up to today. I have determined that mine is an emotional related fear.

She went in with gusto, is all I can say about the entire procedure. I don’t think she bothered to check if it was salvageable, but just went straight into the root canal. 🙁

Good thing is after digging into the roots of my tooth and removing all my nerves, she looked at her ‘work of art’ and apparently was quite pleased with it. Considering I dislike dentists, I think she was pretty decent, gentle, patient and was emphatic to my fears.

That said, I’m not looking forward to getting 3 more visits with her for the  insertion of some nail thing, fitting of crown, actual placement of the crown and of course the rest of the 7 cavities. I check my teeth every 6 months, I’m not sure why the dentist in Singapore let me get to this stage. I guess she did say the rest were pretty tiny and lets solve that before it escalates. I HEARTILY AGREE.

On the bright side of things, the surgery went well. I still feel numb/sore from the impact of everything done today but nothing major. I’m hungry, but don’t feel like eating because my right side feels very sore. That tooth has been giving me problems for ages and I’m just glad its solved once and for all. (As long as there is no infection!)



Here’s my ‘refurbished’ tooth. Fake root thingies replacing my nerves.

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