Project Grateful 168: Happy 3months Darling!

Today marks our 3rd monthversary of marriage! Its ONLY 3 months you say, but one must remember to celebrate the little joys in life.

Everyday I feel more and more loved by Kris. He takes very good care of me and (he says) I do the same. YAY! He makes me very happy and we have settled into a nice little rhythm together. I am very grateful to be married to such a wonderful man.

I bought a slice of red velvet from the same bakery we had our wedding cake from. I think we will start a tradition!

*blows lots of kisses and love all around*

One thought on “Project Grateful 168: Happy 3months Darling!

  1. Medha Kudaisya

    Congratulations! You're right it is very important to celebrate the little things too, especially at those times when the big things seem to fall apart. I like to bake a cupcake or cook a nice dinner for our 6-m anniversaries each year. Or just to cheer ourselves up sometimes!


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