Project Grateful 365: Macaroon Success! (Day 165)

**turns out my break didnt last long!**

3rd time success BABYROONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today my macaroons finally managed to be lifted off the wax paper without breaking.

I know that I’m a noob at baking macaroons and the first 2 times were sorrowful experiences.

Remember those #failcaroons #stupidroons #wontcomeoffthewaxpaperoons?

Well I’m 3rd time lucky, this time those babies came off the wax paper without much effort!

I know that they are not LADURÉE or Pierre Hermé macaroons but they are my own little babyroons.

IMG_3994 IMG_3997


I’m so proud of myself! Macroons require patience and precision, skills I lack severely in my life.

I thought about perfecting them into perfect little round babies. But you know what, I’m not going to seek perfection in everything. Odd shaped or not, this shall be my PERFECTLITTLEROONS!!!!

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