My eldest sister had a small health scare on Mother’s Day and that got me a little worried for a while. Thankfully its nothing serious. Paupauroooos,  please take good care of yourself in Singapore. I worry for you sometimes. I hope this little incident has given you impetus to take better care of yourself.

Happy Mother’s Day Mum! I’m very far away but I thought of you lots on Mother’s Day. I hope you enjoyed the card and will buy something nice for yourself with the small AP! Or maybe you’ll just go ahead and buy fruits for little Isaiah instead!

My 2nd sister, which also acts like a mum to me. She often goes, skirt too short, don’t swim out too far, your curfew is 12am.  She’s my little mother goose. She told me that she misses me everyday and that made me tear a little. She also celebrated her first mother’s day with little Isaiah, which I’m sure was very very special to her.

I miss my family all 9000 miles away and I hope everyone can be happy and healthy!

On the bright side, 3 of them are coming next year and maybe more will come the year after!

I love to clean the house and do laundry whenever I’m homesick. I think its because its gives me a sense of structure and control. #wierdhabits


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