Project Grateful 365 (164): Grateful for decent health care

I’m done fretting about the darn dentist. It scares me for to no end, so instead I shall find a way to be grateful about this whole darn procedure!

So I’m grateful that

1) I’ve partial dental coverage.

2) I can afford the root canal and assorted procedures. (If you cant, I reckon you just gotta extract and leave a gapping hole!)

3) I’m in the US, so while health care is exorbitant, its also relatively advanced compared to the rest of the world.

4) The invention of pain meds (Laughing gas (nitrous oxide) or IV meds) will help me not feel the actual pain.

5)  I wont have to go alone.


HUP HUP HUP! Dentophobia GO AWAY!


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