Project Grateful 160: Lovely Baking Days!

May 3rd

Lately I’ve  developed a slight obbession with banana bread. They cost 2.25 for a tiny piece from Starbucks, not that expensive but not that cheap either.

So I thought, hey maybe I should make my own! All I need is bananas, since I have all the other ingredients at home. So here you go! Charlene’s rendition of banana chocolate bread. Not too bad for my first banana bread from scratch. Now that I am a housewife, there is no excuse for store bought cakes/bread/muffins.


Banana Perfection! 

Because my husband HATES bananas,  I decided to make him some blueberry muffins from scratch! No more Betty Crocker, no more Pillsbury!


Lined up cutely in the tin.

(Note that I filled two empty muffin cups with water, supposed to make it moister + bake more evenly)



Bursting with goodness! 

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