Project Grateful 157: Exploring the Lower East Side (LES) in Manhattan

April 28th 2013

A fun day trotting around LES

One of our favorite things to do in the city is to walk around the city and explore new ethnic  neighborhoods/places. My friend Erin who has been around the city for some time often has good things to say about the LES area so today I decided that I’m taking Kris for an excursion to that part of town.



The sign that says it all!

My favorite streets are Essex, Rivington, Broome, Ludow.


Random wall Graffiti that had a baby with a pacifier that reminded me of my little cute one in Singapore.


Pretty blooms!

We also walked pass Economy Candy which is by the way a legendary candy store! It was opened since 1937 thats a heck of a long time. Anyways the candy store is filled to the brim and I’m proud to announce that we both walked out WITHOUT buying a single thing!

On the way back I was in a slightly silly mood and did this.


Then my husband said, ‘I have the world’s craziest wife.’

*stabs chest repeatedly*

*makes poor me face*

One thought on “Project Grateful 157: Exploring the Lower East Side (LES) in Manhattan

  1. Erin Upton Moy

    You found the candy store!!!! That was the one we were trying to find the day we walked to Union Square.


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