Project Grateful 365 – Day 156 (Annual NYC Sikh parade)

April 27th 2013

We went to a Sikh parade today, it was very entertaining and interesting. Do you know there is  half a million Sikhs in America?

On this day they also gave out free vegetarian meals and drinks, to anybody who’s hungry really. I saw this guy with a recyclable bag filled with empty plastic containers. AIYO DAMN KIASU!

While waiting behind the barricades, to see the GURU in the parade, some guy randomly stuffed a bunch of nuts/fruits in my hands. I’m not sure what the significance was, but it tasted good.


Mixed fruits and nuts

IMG_3651Chick pea curry


Those poor flag bearers were bare foot and it was a HOT DAY!

You can’t see it, but before them there was some people sweeping the roads and pouring milk on it. Probably symbolic in some way.

(A quick google talked about milk and purity)

IMG_3669Said guru


Part of the parade, paraders demanding the release of  Bhullar. He was involved in a  bombing at the Indian Youth Congress Office, in which 17 people were killed.

IMG_3682John C Liu, who’s running for mayor and according to the news involved in some fund raising scandal.

Anyhow’s I’m glad for the free food and entertaining parade!

2 thoughts on “Project Grateful 365 – Day 156 (Annual NYC Sikh parade)

  1. Shruti Vaid Dutta

    FYI: The raisins/ fruits are religious offering to be consumed by worshippers/ non. There usually is no discrimination while distributing it.


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