April 25th – Project Grateful 365: Day 155 Harnessing positive energy

The weather was beautiful today, I walked 6 miles in total. I had taken 2 days of break from walking due to personal reasons and I was back in full force today. *pumps fist*

I walked a part of the high line park in glorious weather and attended a body language detection course for 3 hours at night. Interesting and informative but didn’t WOW me that much. A lot of it, is basically simple human psychology.

I was doing a little bit of thinking today. Every human being, rich or poor, tall or short, unfortunate or fortunate has both good and evil in his/her life. In the grand scheme of things everybody has their own struggles to deal with, u win some here and you lose some there. What’s important is to remember that everybody has their little struggles and not let it overwhelm you. Don’t look at the person beside you and think about how that person has it good, most of us never reveal our inner struggles. Instead look at your own struggle, toss it aside and focus on the good in your life instead.

Hardness positive thoughts, heighten your level of positive feelings and translate that to positive behavior!

Change your thoughts and you’ll be shocked at how much better you can feel about yourself and your life!

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