Project Grateful 365: Day 146

April 12, 2013

It was raining the entire day today, gusty winds and single digit (celsius) temperatures were back. So it was an awesome day to have a play date with Charlie Bear!


He’s super adorable and super smiley. One can just smile at him and he’ll smile back or crack into this animated chuckle. He’s so much fun! He’s  learning to stand on his own and he was showing me how its done!


Look at how stable he is! That was at least 4 seconds or more! After which he uses my legs to get some support before trying to stand straight again. Very cute watching him standing. Babies are so cute in general. Although, after he learns to stand, I’m pretty sure he’s classified as a toddler and officially inaugurated into the BIG BOYS CLUB!

To cut the long story short, he made an otherwise dreary day a very happy one! He entertained me and his mommy oh so well. I also got a super generous gift from his mommy for my wedding too! E and S, thank you again for your generosity, although you really shouldn’t have!

Speaking of wedding gifts, Kris’s parents, uncles and aunt, gramma has been very generous in giving us wedding gifts. It was very sweet of them to do so, because all we had so far, was a very quiet ceremony at city hall! America is huge right, so its a lot more effort for people to have to send things, get out and get a card/shop for thoughtful gifts for us! I got a huge knife and a kitchen towel, that made me chuckle!

Its nice to see Kris so loved by his relatives! (and I guess by extension, I get some of the love too!)



At night, we decided to clog out arteries by going to Arthichoke Basille Pizza. I bought a Groupon some time back and thought that it was worthwhile to trek 4 miles to get pizza. I mean pizza is pretty bad for you (BUT OH SO YUMMY!) so to lessen the guilt we decided to walk there. Our coupon for US23 bucks gave us a whole pie and 2 beers/soda. The usual price is 30 bucks for a pizza and 6 bucks for a pint. So we saved about 50%? The thing is, with these Groupon deals, they ask politely that you tip on the actual price of the meal, which I think is fair. Especially if you get good service and a good deal, sharing that with your waitress seems fair!


Kris and his 18 inches!

It was a monster pizza!

I loved it though, it was one of the better pizza places I’ve been too!

Therein, concludes my super fun friday!

Every Friday I also clock my miles walked and I’m happy to announce that this week’s grand total is 27.5 miles! I’m not losing any weight tho, because walking makes me extra hungry! For example, after walking to the pizza place, I wolfed down 2 slices because I was so hungry! Rawr Rawr! Spending too much time with Charlie Bear also makes me feel Bear-ish!

I love my life right now! 😀

Arthichoke Basille Pizza
328 E 14th St
New York
(212) 228-2004

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    1. Shruti Vaid Dutta

      Medha: you remember you and I have been to artichoke basille's pizza on McDougal Street where I got a slice packed for myself.


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