Project 365 Day 147: Grateful for Cherry Blossoms

We finally made our way to Roosevelt Island, we had been talking about it for ages! However, it was nothing to shout about really. There was a tiny Japanese fair there and some cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms are probably the best part of the island.

IMG_3408Said cherry blossoms and me being a silly dork as usual!


Ze bridge that connects Roosevelt Island to Manhattan


Kris walked into the Island and made all the trees weep. Hur hur!


Me posing in the oddest way really


Little sculpture around the island


Lonely boat down the east river. Spot the duck that was ‘fishing’ for food!

We did finances and I was told to SAVE SAVE SAVE. We spend an awful lot on dining out and entertainment. So today we decided that we’re going to eat IN for all meals!

So went kris was busy with his robot-ish duties, I went grocery shopping!

I merely reheated pizza and made broccoli for brunch!


We went out to Roosevelt Island and then I came home to make dinner!


Korean beef ribs, rice and stir fried veggies.

As I type away furiously, the robot is doing his taxes. Its the absolute last minute because payment is due on Monday. Taxes in the US are like super complicated, so many forms and then  you have to pay so much money to the government. Its like doing work and still having to pay for it. In any case, thats the price of living in this fabulous city.

I have come to love New York City, so all is well.

I’ve come to realize that I’ve learnt to be so much more independent here. When I first came, I didn’t know anyone, missed my family and friends a lot. Over time, I’ve made quite a few friends  that I like and also learnt how to do things by myself. I actually like the solitude at times.

When robot is really busy, it can get a bit meh sometimes but nothing that makes me ultra sad. I’ve learnt how to self entertain, how to make good use of my ample time as a housewife, done a lot of wandering, made a lot of friends, cook a lot of meals, find entertainment for the both of us in the weekends and I never ever feel bored.

I’ve very proud of myself. I have overcame the initial emotional/transitional difficulty that every new immigrant has to face, forced myself out of my comfort zone to make new friends and learnt to enjoy my sometimes solitary independence and am very happy with my current life. I’ve learnt to be very grateful in all circumstances and found fun and meaningful things to do. I think this grateful blog has been really helpful to me!

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