Project Grateful Day 145: Japanese supermarkets FTW!

Yesterday a new friend from Singapore (who also came to NYC with her husband) asked me for a date to Mitsuwa! I readily agreed! I previously blogged about the time I dragged Kristopher there, here.

This time, I discovered a FREE shuttle from Penn station and (the same) shuttle back for free if you spend 50 bucks on groceries, which is not really hard actually. Here’s the link to the free shuttle. But only on Wednesdays and Thursdays! All in all, it still took me an hour there and back, but the variety of Japanese goods there is mind blowing!

Anyways, I understand why there was a free shuttle, the place was so empty compared to the last time! I could shop from my groceries leisurely, have a nice lunch with my friend in the food court.

I bought some gyoza  miso soup, premium edamame (on sale!), fresh uni sashimi and fresh salmon, among other things!

The uni sashimi and salmon sashimi was SO SO UBER FRESH. It was blue ribbon/morimoto quality. The uni was farmed in the US and the sashimi was farmed in scotland! (for some weird reason). The uni was on sale too 8.99usd for the packet below (Groceries are exempted from tax)


Super Fresh Uni



Super Fresh Salmon Sashimi

I love Japanese food! I can’t wait to visit Japan again! WOOT WOOT!

After grocery shopping and doing a load of laundry, I lugged my sorry as 4 miles (back and forth) to go return a pair of jeans that didn’t fit right. I was feeling so lazy from the activity in the day, but walking really rejuvenates one!

Came home to a super yummy dinner!


Uni and Salmon sashimi with side of shoyu and wasabi, paired with cha soba and dashi/shoyu dipping sauce!

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